Lotus flower


A couple of weeks ago the kids from 8 grade performed a debate in Bhoti (Tibetan) about morality versus education, even though I don’t understand a word in Tibetan (and I doubt I can learn it) it was amazing to see them defending their ideas with such a security, confidence and fluency and -according the tibetan speakers told me- giving great arguments!

Also we have to consider that Bhoti is not their mother tongue, so, even more impressive (their first language is Mompa, but they are learning Bothi, Hindi and English).

It comes to my mind this beautiful and special aquatic flower that grows in wetlands … As many of you know, the Loto flower is the national symbol of India, but that is not my reason to think about it, but for what it means. Although play an important role for many cultures and has so much history and meanings like purity, fertility, beauty, abundance, the concept that most I like is the greek, based in a tale of a princess that goes to a place called Loto where she die sinking in the swamp but then after a big effort she manage to get out but like a beautiful flower. Means the victory after a tireless struggle against failure.

That is how I see each kid that had touched my soul, not just here in India but also in each place in poverty that I had visited, where the difficulties are not few, and even the most simple thing can be a big challenge, like brush your teeth or get a piece of bread or good water to drink…

But when you make it, after so much effort and dedication the satisfaction is huge!!

To know that these kids were taken from those wetlands, close to sink down there, without hope, struggling just to “survive” , learn their personal histories, see their first pictures and now see them bloom, smiling, learning, getting values, working and studying hard to be one day important people  not just for themselves but also to help their community and in that way change the reality some time so unkind, so unfair.

From mud can emerge beauty as well, from mischance we can also learn and find wisdom and happiness, in complicated situations is also possible to find peace, I’m not saying that is easy, but with help always we can do it! …

“I waited patiently for the LORD to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along”. Psalm 40:1-2.

Tashi Delek!



Flor de loto

Hace un par de semanas los niños de 8vo realizaron un debate en Bhoti (tibetano) sobre moralidad versus educación, aunque yo no entiendo ninguna palabra en Tibetano (y dudo que logre aprender), fue impresionante verles defendiendo sus ideas con seguridad y elocuencia y por lo que me explicaban, dando muy buenos argumentos. Además considerando que no es su lengua materna, mas valorable todavía (ellos hablan Mompa, pero tienen clases y un buen manejo de Bhoti, Hindi e Inglés)

Entonces me viene a la mente una hermosa y particular flor acuática que crece en zonas pantanosas con la cual puedo hacer una alegoría…Como muchos sabrán la flor de loto es símbolo nacional de India. No por eso he pensado tanto en ella, sino por lo que simboliza, si bien es cierto tiene mucha historia y en muchas culturas juega un rol importante y tiene significados interesantes como pureza, fertilidad, belleza, abundancia, el concepto que mas agrada es el griego basado en la historia de una princesa que llega a un lugar llamado Loto, donde se hunde y después de mucho esfuerzo logra salir en forma de flor. Para los griegos significa entonces el triunfo después de haber luchado incansablemente en contra del fracaso.

Asi es como veo a cada niño que a tocado mi alma no solo aqui en India, sino que en cada lugar sumido en la pobreza que he visitado, donde las dificultades no son pocas, y hasta las cosas mas simples se tornan todo un desafío, como simplemente lavarte los dientes, o tener algo que comer al día, o agua potable, etc, haciendo miles de peripecias para sobrevivir el día.

Pero cuando se logra, y se sale adelante, después de tanto esfuerzo y dedicación, es tan grande la satisfacción!

Ver a estos pequeños que un día fueron sacados del pantano, casi a punto de hundirse sin esperanza luchando sólo por “sobrevivir”, conocer sus historias, ver sus fotografías de cuando llegaron aqui casi irreconocibles, y  ahora verlos florecer, verlos sonreir, aprender, adquirir valores, trabajando y estudiando duro para ser personas importantes algun día no sólo por ellos si no porque ya tienen conciencia de que asi pueden ayudar a su comunidad y cambiar la realidad existente, a veces tan injusta e ingrate, sin duda da satisfacción y desafía a ir por más!

Del lodo también pueden emerger bellezas, de la desgracia tambien se puede  aprender y hallar sabiduría y felicidad, en situaciones difíciles también es posible encontrar paz,  no digo que sea fácil pero con ayuda siempre se puede…

“Pacientemente esperé a Jehová y se incline a mi y oyó mi clamor, me hizo sacar de la desesperación, del lodo cenagoso; puso mis pies sobre peña y enderezó mis pasos” Salmo 40:2.

Tashi delek!

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Let’s the dream begin!

It is already a month since I got here at Jhamtse Gatsal Childen’s Community. The only words that come to my mind are “thanks my faithful God”.

My trip it was full of new experiences and images that made me feel a mix of sensations, sometimes overwhelming.

When I arrived to Guwahati I didn’t have the latest info about what to do after that point with a bit of hesitation I went out of the airport and the first thing that I saw was a smiley guy holding a paper with my name, so, I thought that is a good start. He was very nice but his english was worst than mine when I just came to the US, forget about asking anything. After 2 hours of a crazy driving on a very busy road passing and avoiding other cars, people, cows and even elephants! I started to wondering where actually we were going, I knew it was a town called Tezpur, I asked we are arriving soon? He just smiled… I decided to sleep for few minutes… 5 hours later we finally arrived.

After 2 days waiting for Adam, another volunteer, we started our journey to Arunachal Pradesh. The only thing I knew was we had 13 hours  of driving ahead.

The road wasn’t friendly at all, very very narrow and soooo many curves, reminded the “road of the death” that goes to Caranavi in Bolivia,  and I will say that one was more dangerous but this one was longer…

The scenario along the road brought me many different feelings, I was impressed with the beauty of the landscape, I was happy and excited thinking that I was finally making my dream true, but at the same time so frustrated and sad after see all the tremendous poverty along the road,  little houses on the edge of the road, kids not older that five years old holding on their back the little siblings, all of them totally alone, almost naked, sick, dirty, etc…on duties so hard, or dangerous for a little kid and you immediately think… there is so much to do…there is so much injustice…the realities are so uneven.

We normally blame God, but actually we have the option follow His advice and love, help, share our blessing, or not and just hate, oppress, abuse, or simply be selfish.

God is faithful and merciful, He want to use us to bring blessing to others.

I’m so blessed for having all what I have. To have the possibility to choose what I want to do with my life, for been able to fight for my dreams but all this was because always were people there for me…

And now I’m here! , I remembered the day that we arrived, all the kids were on a line waiting to welcome us… it was such an emotional and special moment… after so long time, finally I was there meeting all these little beautiful souls!

This month has been such a great time, so much higher than my expectations, and I keep knowing myself, I realized that I love to teach science! , (I teach to 6, 7 and 8 grade) and even though I cant teach in my mother tongue I feel that kids enjoy and they learn, I hope they don’t become a scientist though J .


Work in the garden, go for small hiking around the mountains, spend time with the little ones playing, dancing, laughing, and also having little parties and philosophic conversations with the staff are also fascinating!!

In few words this community is great and its job is making an amazing impact in the area.

Of course there are many things that need to be done or improve, we need more volunteers and of course money, and I’m not going to bother you with that, but if you feel that you would like to contribute in any way, your help will be very appreciate and no doubt it will be use in a wise way.

I’m so full of happiness here but anyway I remember all of you and I miss you!!! All my love and blessings for you my beautiful friends!